A New And Nature-Inspired Face Routine For You

A New And Nature-Inspired Face Routine For You

You probably know Kuva Botanicals by the natural deodorants and soaps we’ve been creating and you’ve been loving for years now. After receiving an overwhelming amount of love for these two, we knew we had to venture more into natural and safe body care and address your specific needs. After months and months of research and experimentation, Kuva’s Face Care Range was finally born. 

Keeping our mission at the core: to harness the power of local, tropical botanicals and create natural, earth-friendly skincare that pays homage to our Goan heritage, we have now launched three new products in our face care range. 

With a commitment to delivering skincare that is both safe and effective, our new line promises to transform your daily routine into a pampering and nature-inspired experience. Let's dive into it! 

  1. Maracuya Lightweight Facial Oil 

Imagine the warm, sultry embrace of Goa's tropical climate as you apply our Maracuya Lightweight Facial Oil. This extraordinary elixir is designed for everyday use, perfect even in the sunniest weather. Its light, quick-absorbing texture sinks effortlessly into your skin, leaving behind a delightful aroma of Orange and Ylang Ylang. Say goodbye to greasiness and hello to soft, hydrated skin.

The star of this formulation is Maracuya, inspired by the lush passionfruit creepers that grace Goan walls. 

Packed with Vitamin C, it 

- Evens out skin tone

- Promotes collagen production

- Shields your skin from damage and ageing. 

It also comes with the goodness of papaya seed oil that fights inflammation, reduces scarring, and keeps breakouts at bay. Amla oil adds a brightening touch, while sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, and pomegranate seed oil work their magic to rejuvenate and intensely moisturise your skin.

Add it to your nighttime skin routine and you can instantly feel your skin calmed and relaxed. And you’d wake up to brighter-softer skin! 


  1. Seaweed Face Mask 

Imagine bringing a spa at home. One that is near the shores! 

Our Seaweed face mask draws inspiration from the stunning Goan coastline, where a myriad of marine algae thrives. With its earthy aroma and deep green colour derived from seaweed extracts and green clay, this mask offers a refreshing spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

It is powered by seaweed, a remarkable ingredient known to 

- Stimulate collagen and elastin production

- Combat wrinkles

- Protects skin from free radical damage

The green clay in this mask 

- Detoxifies your pores

- Reduces imperfections

- Leaves your skin feeling revitalised and youthful.

This clay mask is a perfect weekend activity to do - in solitude or with your loved one! 

  1. Balmy Rose Exfoliating Cleansing Balm

Can we agree that cleansers are the first and most important step in our skincare routine? Now imagine - your cleanser is also the gentlest exfoliator. What happens next? 

You are left with cleaner, brighter and refreshed skin every time! 

Infused with the natural goodness of rose oil, pomegranate oil, watermelon seed oil, and papaya seed oil, it not only removes dirt and oil but also gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Walnut shell provides gentle exfoliation, while pink clay draws out impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. Our cleansing balm effortlessly dissolves impurities from your pores and rinses off, leaving a light layer of moisturising oil for soft, supple skin.

Ready to exfoliate your way to softer, more hydrated skin? Oops, cleanse?


If you are new here, we welcome you! And, we promise you that all Kuva products are made with care that your skin deserves - no artificial additives, no synthetic chemicals, just the wholesome goodness of nature.

We are ready with our new face care regime, are you?

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