Are deodorant balms better for your skin?

Are deodorant balms better for your skin?

For years and years we have seen deodorant sprays and antiperspirants rule the body fragrance markets. Advertised in a blanket of “smelling great, no sweat, long lasting”, have we ever turned the bottle and glanced through the ingredients inside these products? These aerosol sprays and roll ons can do more harm to you than good. Not only do they include toxic ingredients that disrupt your skin barrier, but inhaling them can also irritate your lungs in the long run. 

Today, when consumers have realised the harmful effects of deodorant sprays and antiperspirants, healthier alternatives like deodorant balms are becoming the first choice of many people!

Let’s break this down and understand the difference between deodorant balms and sprays so that, as a consumer, we can make an informed decision. 

Are deodorant balms nourishing to your skin?

Deodorant balms are formulated with natural ingredients like nourishing oils such as coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. Unlike regular deodorants, they don’t mask body odour but are designed to work with the body's natural process of sweating. 

These natural oils and butters penetrate into your skin layers, making it feel softer and nourished from within. A few days into switching to deodorant balms, you’ll see how hydrated your skin becomes! 

What’s more ideal for dry skin?

Deodorant sprays or roll ons can be your worst enemy if you have dry or sensitive skin! Antiperspirants in the market contain aluminium that block your sweat glands, that is why we don’t sweat! Not only can this irritate and sensitise your skin further, it disrupts your body’s natural process of sweating. Our body sweats to cool down our body temperature. Blocking these sweat glands means feeling hotter. 

Deodorant balms have hydrating ingredients like natural oils with essential oils. They neutralise body odour keeping you feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day!

Antiperspirants make me sweat less, isn’t that good?

Like we mentioned before, antiperspirants contain aluminium that blocks your sweat glands, hence there’s no sweating! When you perspire, your body releases toxins that you need to release to experience a healthy body function. Most commonly, humans sweat when they exercise or when it is extremely hot and humid, this is your body's way to naturally cool down. Therefore, by preventing this from happening, it doesn’t allow your body to perform a natural process.

Not only are you facing dangers of your body being exposed to aluminium, but also of stopping a completely natural process of perspiring. Deodorant balms, on the other hand, have essential oils and other nourishing natural oils (like coconut oil, shea butter) that neutralises odour causing bacteria.

Deodorant balms are always made with all natural ingredients?

Here’s the trick, not all deodorant balms are all-natural. Best thing to do is to turn your box and read the ingredients. is a good place to start to understand your ingredients better. With time, you will start recognising ingredient names and differentiate the toxic from the non toxic!


Kuva’s deodorant balms have been carefully formulated with years of research and development and testing! They are made with 100% natural ingredients that are sourced from the environment. All of Kuva’s deodorant range is made with nourishing oils like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and kokum butter that:

  1. Don’t block your sweat glands
  2. Moisturise your skin from within (that means softer skin with regular use!)
  3. Are baking soda free
  4. Suitable for sensitive skin as well
  5. Make you feel fresh and cool on all those hot days

For products that we use on a daily basis, it becomes crucial to make a conscious choice. Today, when safer alternatives are available in the market, shouldn’t we choose them and give our body the love it deserves? By opting for natural deodorant balms, you make your skin feel happy, nourished and moisturised and do good to the planet too! I hope we’ve answered your questions, feel free to email us should you have any more doubts!

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