The Story Behind Vilamel (Kuva’s Lavender and Lemon Soap)

The Story Behind Vilamel (Kuva’s Lavender and Lemon Soap)

Let me tell you a story about the birthplace of Kuva - the gorgeous state of Goa. Ayesha, the founder of Kuva, grew up in Goa, India, surrounded by its vibrant culture, rich heritage, and bountiful nature. It's no wonder that this beautiful land served as a massive inspiration for Kuva.

In 2010, Ayesha's mother was diagnosed with cancer and this was the beginning of a learning process to become more conscious about the products her family uses. She dove deep into the world of skincare ingredients and was shocked to discover how many poisonous and carcinogenic ingredients are in the products we use every day. As a concerned consumer, Ayesha was disappointed by the lack of natural skincare brands on the market. That's when she decided to create her own, something she could trust and know was safe for her loved ones.

And so, Kuva was born, bringing you natural, organic soaps and deodorants that make your skin feel nourished from the inside out. One of Kuva's best-selling soaps is Vilamel, and let me tell you, it's a real game-changer. This soap is based on natural oils and butters that are gentle and nourishing for your skin, making it feel soft and supple. And the best part? It's made with love and care, by a founder who wants to share the joy of natural skincare with the world. 



Let me weave a tale about the beauty of Goa and the natural ingredients that make up the Vilamel blend. In Ayesha’s words:


“Picture this - a quaint little village in Goa called Saligao, where my grandparents' house stood tall. The word Vilamel, was the name of their house, Villa De Melo. I spent many weekends and holidays here and have so many fond memories of the place. As kids, my sisters and I would wake up early and sit on the balcão (balcony) in our nightdresses, my aunt would make us chai, which was just cups of milk with a splash of chai in it, my grandmother would be in the kitchen making us breakfast and my grandfather would be sitting with us, talking about the different birds and trees in the garden. I loved these early mornings, sunlight filtering through the leaves in the trees, a cool breeze blowing, everyone sitting together, these moments last forever in our memories.


But that's not all - my grandma's house was a treasure trove of natural goodness. The cupboards were filled with lavender sachets, one of her favourite scents. So though lavender is not really a tropical plant, for me the association with my grandmother will always be there.. And oh, don't get me started on my grandma's special lemon squash! She grew so many lovely fruits in her garden, kokum, chickoo, mangoes, passionfruit, etc… but the lemon plant was my favourite because I had never seen lemons in Goa before. In Goa we use limes and are used to the little round green/ yellow variety, but my grandmother had a plant which she called an Italian lemon plant and the lemons were huge and yellow just like I had seen in pictures. My grandmother used these lemons to make her squash and it was like sunshine in a glass. 


And that's how Vilamel was born - a blend of lavender, lemon, and ylang-ylang, named after my grandparents' house. It's like a little piece of Goa in a box, capturing the essence of nature's goodness. So go ahead, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the beauty of Goa and the natural ingredients in Vilamel transport you to a world of calm and serenity.”

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