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Kùva Botanicals

'Cocotinie' - Unscented Coconut Oil Soap

'Cocotinie' - Unscented Coconut Oil Soap

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Kuva's Cocotinie handmade all natural soap is Perfect for people who have delicate skin or are sensitive to strong fragrances, this unscented bar, is full of moisturizing coconut oil and has a beautiful, fluffy lather! Our Cocotinie soap is made from pure coconut oil sourced directly from local farms in Goa.

“Cocotinie”, a 100% pure coconut oil soap is made with only 3 ingredients and has a light, delicate, natural aroma of coconut. Named for my mother, Christine, this was the first soap I made for her and still her all time favourite, despite having tried all my other blends and experiments! For those of you, like my mother, who enjoy the simple things in life, this one is made for you! Our handmade soaps contains only the 3 following natural ingredients!

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Aqua (Water)
Sodium Hydroxide

Inspired by our love of nature and our hometown Goa, Kuva's natural handmade soaps use local herbs, oils, flowers, fragrant spices, fruits, pure essential oils and purifying clays for their exceptional skin care benefits and to provide natural color, scent or gentle exfoliation. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just natural wholesome ingredients. We hope you love our natural handmade soaps as much as we love making them for you!

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